Molded manhole covers are more cost-effective for manhole covers of other processes

Jun 17,2023

Molded manhole cover is a new type of manhole cover. Its production process is to put mixed raw materials into molds for pressing and molding to obtain high-strength and high-pressure manhole covers. Compared with traditional cast iron manhole covers and cement manhole covers, molded manhole covers have higher quality and better performance.

The advantages of molded manhole covers are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. High strength: The molded manhole cover is made of high-strength materials, providing higher load-bearing capacity and pressure resistance.

2. Strong durability: The surface of the molded manhole cover is coated with anti-corrosion coating, which can effectively prevent corrosion, oxidation and ultraviolet corrosion, thus ensuring long-term stability.

3. Good safety: The surface of the molded manhole cover is designed to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from slipping on rainy days or slippery ground, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

4. Easy maintenance: The surface of the molded manhole cover is smooth and flat, without water accumulation or leakage, and there will be no problems such as rust and deformation, making maintenance more convenient.

Overall, the molded manhole cover is a relatively advanced manhole cover product with better performance and advantages, which can better meet the needs of urban construction and traffic management.