A technical enterprise specializing in the design, research and development, production, and sales of composite manhole covers.


Quality Control

Each batch of raw materials is entrusted to the relevant quality inspection departments and colleges for quality inspection, and the qualified rate of raw materials is strictly controlled.

Strictly control the qualification rate of

Raw Material Quality

Source control and quality management.

Building a


Intelligent technology creates the fifth space for livable cities



The company's series of products such as composite manhole covers and water grate



It's weight is only about one third of that of cast iron, which is greatly lower than that of cement well cover, is convenient to transport and mount, and greatly relieves the labor intensity.

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High Intensity

By using BMC composite well cover produced by BMC in combination with steel reinforcement framework at high temperature and high pressure, the highest test load can reach F400KN; by using high-intensity SMC composite well cover produced by HZ-SMC sheet molding compound, the highest test load can reach F900KN.

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The product has been tested by the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center and has the ability of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and the anti-aging index reaches above level three, and the service life is long.

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This synthetic material is unrecyclable, and can guard against thefts naturally; it is equipped with a locking structure, to prevent burglary of downhole properties.

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Weather Resistance

The product is produced by taking high polymer materials with high molecular weight and strong chemical stability as raw materials, and can be normally used at -50。0-―+150。0 by virtue of scientific formula, advanced process and perfect technical equipment.

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High Accuracy

This product is subjected to high-temperature compression molding, and has small cover frame clearance, thus overcoming the defects of “running, jumping, sounding” of well covers made of cast iron, cement, etc., and improving the highway capacity and driving comfort.

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Since 2004


Zibo Best Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd, was established in 2004. BEST focuses on innovation and R&D. There is a strong team consisting of senior experts and engineers, annual manufacturing capacity is 2,000,000 sets of manhole cover. BEST not only pursues high quality continuously, but also focuses on unique design and environmental protection. With quality advantages of Best's manhole covers realized by customers in different areas, the brand is well recognized by customers. In order to reduce customer costs and ensure product quality, BEST focuses on raw materials quality. Each batch of raw materials are entrusted to domestic institutions to conduct quality tests to ensure that the raw materials can achieve 100% pass rate.BEST has introduced the production line of SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) and manhole cover pressure tester. Now we have more than 30 hydraulic machines which vary from 200 to 1600 tons in terms of types...

  • Qualification & Honor
    Qualification & Honor
    Focusing on the research of composite manhole covers and water grates business fields, through years of accumulation, it has established its own brand "Bester" in the process of productization development.
  • High Standard
    High Standard
    Strictly implement the National Standard of the People's Republic of China "GB/T23858-2009 Inspection Manhole Cover" and the European Standard EN124: 1994 "Standard for Drainage Covers and Manhole Covers for Vehicles and Pedestrians".
  • Service Guarantee
    Service Guarantee
    Strictly implement the product warranty policy under the premise of non-human destruction and correct use.
  • Export Container
    Export Container
    Based in China, serving the world.
    Intelligent technology creates the fifth space for livable cities and contributes to environmental protection for society.