The intelligent manhole cover alarm system actually has these five advantages

May 04,2023

The advantages and functions of intelligent manhole cover alarm system

1. The installation is simpler, the size is smaller, and the installation is more convenient:

The intelligent manhole cover monitoring and alarm system independently developed by Zibo Best only needs to install an end point on the back of the existing manhole cover to realize the intelligent monitoring of the manhole cover. There is no need to build a base station or a signal receiver, and the fuselage is smaller and more convenient to install.

2. Strong sealing and protection:

The appearance of the smart manhole cover alarm is sealed, and only external magnets are required to open and close the machine. Corrosion resistant, flame retardant, pressure resistant, shock resistant, waterproof grade IP68.

3. Advanced trajectory analysis algorithms:

This ensures an accurate determination of the status of the manhole cover and prevents false alarms when the manhole cover vibrates due to rolling of large vehicles. The overall false positive rate is less than 0.5%.

4. High water level alarm, overflow alarm:

When the local sewer pipe breaks or other reasons cause the groundwater level to rise, the two wires extended by the smart device come into contact with the water, and the smart device will immediately send the corresponding manhole cover alarm status prompt message to the APP and PC.

5. Low-power design, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly:

The normal working time of the intelligent manhole cover system is not less than 3 years.