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SMC trench cover plate

The product construction is simple, light weight, good bearing, impact resistance, rather bend than fold, large drainage capacity, after hot-dip zinc treatment, beautiful and durable, anti-corrosion

Product classification:

Trench cover

Key words:


High standards

Strictly implement the National Standard of the People's Republic of China "GB/T23858-2009 Inspection Manhole Cover" and the European Standard EN124: 1994 "Standard for Drainage Covers and Manhole Covers for Vehicles and Pedestrians".


The resin manhole cover is only about one-third of the cast iron manhole cover, which is much lower than the weight of the cement manhole cover with the same load, which is convenient for transportation and installation, and greatly reduces labor intensity.

High strength

The composite well cover produced by high temperature and high pressure using the special SMC sheet film plastic for resin manhole cover, the highest test load is F900KN


The surface pattern of the inspection manhole cover is exquisitely designed, and it can be customized according to user requirements and made into various colors to beautify the urban environment.


The synthetic material has no recycling value and is naturally anti-theft; and is equipped with a locking structure to realize theft prevention of property in the well.

Weather resistance

The product uses high molecular weight and chemically stable polymer materials as raw materials. Through scientific formula, advanced technology, and perfect technical equipment, the product can be normal within the range of minus 50 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius. use.

High precision

Because the product is molded at high temperature, the gap between the cover and the seat is small, which overcomes the shortcomings of "running, jumping, and sounding" of cast iron and cement, and improves the road capacity and driving comfort.

Corrosion resistance

The product has been tested by the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center and has corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and the anti-aging index has reached three levels or more, and the service life is long.

Good after-sales service

Strictly implement the product warranty policy under the premise of non-human damage and correct use.